Meet the Black Republican who’s aiming to flip a Democratic held House seat in heavily blue Connecticut

It’s been 16 years since a Republican has won in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District, but George Logan has a good shot at breaking the losing streak.

‘I believe that Connecticut Republicans have a better message,’ the former two-term state senator, small business owner and frontman in a Jimi Hendrix tribute band said in an interview with Fox News.

Logan, who’s challenging two-term Democratic Rep. Jahana Hayes in next month’s midterm elections in a House district that covers parts of the western half of Connecticut, argued that ‘people are tired of the status quo’ as he pointed to record inflation fueled by what he called ‘out-of-control spending from Washington.’

Hayes, who made history as the first Black woman and Black Democrat to represent Connecticut in Congress, won both her 2018 election and her 2020 re-election by double digits. But the top nonpartisan political handicappers view the 2022 race as very competitive, rating it ‘Lean Democrat.’ And the National Republican Congressional Committee views the seat as a top pick-up opportunity. 

National Republicans are spending big bucks to try and flip the seat. The Congressional Leadership Fund, the leading super PAC aligned with House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, has dished out $3 million in the district to boost Logan, who’s also Black.

Logan took aim at Democrats for what he called their ‘war on American energy independence.’ He noted that ‘gas prices are creeping up again’ and that ‘here in New England, it’s starting to get cold, and people are looking at their home heating costs, filling up those fuel oil tanks, and people are very concerned.’

He charged that Hayes ‘is out of touch. She’s not out in the community’ and argued that ‘her backing of the Biden-Harris-Pelosi administration down in Washington has only made things worse.’

‘I just stick to those major topics that people are most concerned about, and we’re just gaining supporters, gaining momentum every single day,’ he said.

One of those issues is crime.

Logan takes issue with state statistics that indicate crime is low in Connecticut and that it’s one of the safest states in the country.

‘I completely disagree with the data. The data is flawed,’ Logan claimed. ‘Crimes are happening. I believe they are being under-reported.’

And pointing to the state’s all-Democratic congressional delegation and a state government controlled by Democrats, Logan argued that ‘everyone knows here in Connecticut that the current leadership is weak on crime.’

When it comes to the volatile issue of abortion, Logan said he supported the opinion by the Supreme Court’s conservative majority to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling and send the fight over legalized abortion back to the states.

‘I support a woman’s right to choose. I think it should be safe, legal and rare,’ he insisted. 

‘I am adamantly against late-term abortion,’ he added, before charging that ‘my opponent is in favor of abortion with no restrictions.’

Asked whether he would support a 15-week abortion ban proposed by Congressional Republicans, Logan answered, ‘I am opposed to a national ban on abortion. I think it should be left up to the states. I would do what I can to make sure that Connecticut’s current laws are not infringed in any way when it comes to women’s reproductive rights and a woman’s right to choose.’

Democrats aren’t buying what Logan is selling.

‘Republicans are wasting their time and money on lobbyist George Logan, whose decision to align with MAGA Republicans who want to ban abortion and cut Social Security is toxic in blue-state Connecticut,’ Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesperson James Singer charged in a statement to Fox News.

Singer vowed that ‘Democrats are going to defend this seat, because voters know Rep. Jahana Hayes has been fighting for them in Washington.’

As part of that mission, last week Hayes landed a high-profile surrogate, as Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Connecticut to team up with the congresswoman to discuss abortion rights.

Logan, for his part, pushes back against criticism from Democrats that he’ll follow GOP leadership if he wins in November.

‘I have told folks repeatedly that I am not going to Washington to represent the leadership in any political party, as my opponent has done,’ he said. ‘I was known in the legislature for being one who works across the aisle. I will work with Democrats and Republicans to pass bills that will improve the lives of everybody in my district.’

Asked whether he’ll support impeaching President Biden if he’s part of a House Republican majority on Capitol Hill come January, Logan said, ‘Given what I know now and the situation that we have now and what we’re dealing with, the answer is no. However, if things change, and there’s some other type of information that would warrant that, I would consider it. But right now, I have no intentions of supporting any efforts to impeach the President of United States.’

‘I’m not happy with his policies. I’m not happy with the direction he’s taking our county. My goal is to go down to Washington to provide some checks and balances to the Biden-Harris administration. But my goal is not to go to Washington to impeach the President of the United States,’ Logan said.

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